Slaapvriendelijk / Sleepfriendly

admin focuses on providing tools to design a Sleepfriendly Hospital and a Sleepfriendly Neighbourhood.

PDF: Slaapvriendelijke omgeving (in Dutch)

Sleepfriendly Hospital

A “Sleepfriendly Hospital” prioritizes the importance of sleep in the healing and recovery process of patients. Recognizing that uninterrupted sleep is crucial for both physical and mental health, these hospitals implement strategies and protocols to enhance the sleep environment and minimize disruptions for patients.

Sleepfriendly Neighbourhood

A “Sleepfriendly Neighbourhood” is designed to support the sleep habits and wellbeing of its residents by minimizing disturbances and creating an environment conducive to restful sleep. Key features include:

  1. Noise Regulations:
    Strict noise ordinances during typical sleeping hours, addressing issues like loud music, construction, and transportation.
  2. Light Pollution Control:
    Use of streetlights that minimize blue light exposure, directing lights downward to limit glare and skyglow, and encouraging residents to use window blinds or curtains.
  3. Green Spaces:
    Presence of parks and trees which act as natural sound barriers and promote a peaceful environment.
  4. Traffic Management:
    Reduced nighttime traffic through designated quiet zones, speed restrictions, and scheduling public transportation to less intrusive times.
  5. Community Education: Promotes awareness about the importance of sleep and how to be a considerate neighbor, especially during nighttime hours.
  6. Building Design:
    Encourages soundproofing measures in homes and apartments, use of green roofs, and spacing between buildings to reduce noise propagation.
  7. Feedback Channels:
    Provides platforms for residents to report disturbances and suggest improvements, ensuring ongoing refinement of Sleepfriendly practices.

In essence, a Sleepfriendly Neighbourhood recognizes the vital role of sleep in overall health and works collectively to prioritize and enhance it for all residents.